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Anyways...I love doctor who soooo much and this blog may contain spoilers for the new season so be warned! I also love to cosplay and watch anime. Also a D&D nerd :) OH AND SHERLOCK! welcome and stay awhile!

Proud member of the Slytherin house

I like the all terrain vehicle in mass effect. Time for some extreme mountain climbing.

On an unrelated note: can you die if the vehicle falls to far?

I need to get rid of stuff…my apartment needs a good purge. I need someone to hold my hand though…I’m a huge pack rat and don’t get rid of things well.

Practicing shading on a traced image. Crappy cellphone picture version.

Practicing shading on a traced image. Crappy cellphone picture version.

I’m just simply baffled by the idea that people can be without shelter in a country, and then be treated as criminals for being without shelter

Sir Nigel Rodley, human rights lawyer and UN committee chairman

33 U.S. cities ban or are considering banning giving food to the homeless

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If I have to watch this godamn cut scene one more time I swear to god I’m going to lose it.












It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 

Source: http://io9.com/marvels-new-captain-america-will-be-black-1606409585

calling it, whoever the new iron man is they won’t be straight. marvel’s tryna go for the trifecta.

Nothing makes me more pleased than Marvel making Marvel fanboys angry about genuinely good and interesting comic choices.

Um, this is fantastic. Why the hell are you complaining?

>genuinely good and interesting comic choices

That’s an interesting way to spell “obvious pandering”.

Throwing away iconic characters on a whim so you can please the demands of pissy ideologues who could not care less about the comics themselves and only care about pushing their own agenda where it doesn’t belong, is not “genuinely good and interesting comic choices.”

You know superhero mantels get passed around ALL THE TIME right? 

There’s multiple Flashes, Green Lanterns, Robins, Ms. Marvels, Captain Marvels, Spidermans, and even Wonder Womans, right? There’s even more than one Batman. THERES ALREADY MORE THAN ONE CAPTAIN AMERICA. (Bradley AND Barnes have both used the name already.) 

Starting a new run where the mantel gets passed onto someone who isn’t a white dude isn’t “throwing away iconic characters.” It’s using a staple of the comic narrative to bring in new fans, energize franchises, and diversify line ups. 

Pffft, fake nerd boys, not even understanding how mantel passing works. 

Oh I’m sorry you think you’re so smart you can look how mantel passing works on Wikipedia wow fucking move over people who have a genuine liking of comic books, dumbass Feminist bitches who think they have an opinion are pushing their agendas down your throat, and no matter what you say, you’re wrong.

A GENUINE liking of comic books? 

You think I don’t genuinely enjoy comic books?






Being a misogynist doesn’t give you a monopoly on liking superhero comics, my friend. Does it bother you that OTHER comic fans aren’t bothered by these things? 

So, I call total bs on the guy claiming Marvel is cramming something down anybody’s throats or throwing away classic characters.

You know who’s a classic character? Sam Wilson - The Falcon and new Captain America who was created in the 60’s by Stan Lee and Gene Colan.  You’re familiar with Stan Lee, yes?  Same guy that co-created that masculine Thor you’re so attached to.

Actually, that’s not true.  THAT Thor, the one who is actually the son of Odin, was created much later.  The one Stan Lee actually created was a guy who stumbled across the hammer of Thor and was able to gain Thor’s powers and form because he was worthy.  A lot like that lady on the cover is going to.

But, you know, whatever.  Don’t let being wrong stop you from continuing to call people names.  Just realize if anybody is a fake fan here, it’s you for not having a basic understanding of comics continuity.



wear your armor

whether it’s makeup, a band tshirt, your fandom pins, tattoos, jewelry, your favorite ripped pair of jeans, or something no one else can touch or see like your favorite song repeating like a mantra in your head, the sound of your own heartbeat, or the knowledge that you were brave enough to get out of bed today when everything else inside you said “no”

wear your armor and kick ass

mouth-snout asked:

Orange & Green

Six fears(no order)
3- whatever happens after life
4- public speaking
5- eating meat while it is still on the bone
6- talking on the phone

Four life goals
1- go into space
2- make a name for my self making costumes and wedding dresses
3- learn to manage my fear of people.
4- be healthier.

do it.

  • red: seven insecurities
  • orange: six fears
  • yellow: five turn ons
  • green: four life goals
  • blue: three fears
  • indigo: two weaknesses
  • violet: one thing you love

I dont like tension or arguing when im around…

It makes my heart pound and My hands shake a lot. Please family, don’t do it around me.